Python crashing the cortex?

It downloads to the v5 cortex and controller fine, but when I press start it runs for 1 second exactly and stops. My program compiles fine and I have had a few people check over it. They said the logic of it makes sense and should at least run.

The goal of the code is to just program a two-motor drive base so I could get more familiar with the software.

I am a new programmer, I do not know much python but I understand the basics. This is my first code with RMS and its API. If I am doing something wrong myself, please let me know! I appreciate the help :))

try putting a short 20 msec delay inside your while loop


Hi Lita.


Any time you want to call a class method, it needs to end with (). So if you want to stop the motor, use motor_1.stop()


Thank you! I am new and small mistakes like this keep messing me up :))

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