Python or C?

I am not sure which language would be better for programming with VEX, I got a lot of people saying to use C but a few have been talking about using python

  • Python
  • C

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Every other software uses c++, why not use that?


Because C++ isn’t easy to learn for a beginner, probably. It’s why both we at Robot Mesh and the folks at Robomatter (VEXcode) make block programming options, and why we put Python into Robot Mesh Studio.


Most programmers in VRC do not even come close to leveraging C++ features that are not present in C, because doing so is not easy for beginners as @John_TYler said.

Furthermore, you can see in this thread that C++ can very easily get in your way and make your life difficult, especially if you are trying to use the API in non-standard ways.

While I fundamentally disagree with the concept of Python as a robot programming language (at the level of VEX, that is), I do have to agree that it is much easier than C++.

All in all, I would generally recommend PROS with the C API for these reasons (and more).


When we were choosing which language a couple years ago we talked to many practicing programmers and software engineers who pretty overwhelmingly said Python. Another influencing factor was the fact that one of the most advanced new robots we saw when touring a Honeywell Intelligrated robotics lab was primarily programmed in Python. The engineers there also recommended Python. Recently some of my sons friends who are comp sci majors were visiting from college. Their intro to comp sci class used C++ but the school was considering switching to Python. Their other classes just assumed the kids coming jn already knew Python. I’m happy our students will have a good foundation in Python after participating in our program.


In ranking of difficulty, from my perspective and experience, Python is the easiest, then C, then C++. Depending on the person, the language used can magnify the programming speed or experience. If the person is inexperienced with coding, doing Pthon (Due to the many tutorials by RobotMesh) or the C++ blocks would be the easiest and more beneficial if you are on yourown. But if you have enough tutoring from another person you can likely learn a good chunk of the VEXCode’s C++ as well. C++ using PROS is very difficult, so I would put that on the top of the list with difficulty. I would not recommend using C++ PROS if you are new, as you would get extremely confused and it would waste so much time and you would struggle to develop your skills quickly. In addition, you should attempt PROS only if you have learned much of C++ in vexcode.


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