Q+A for Sack Attack

There seems to be no Q+A sub-forum for this yet so I might as well get the band wagon rolling.

Personally I don’t have many questions at this time but I’m sure some other users have some questions.

  1. With the parked bonus at the end of the game do the robots have to be on separate starting tiles or can they both be on the same one and how much of the robot has to be in contact with that tile?

  2. This is related to the sacks, are there little tags on them and if so do they form a loop or are they single layer.

One other thing I’ve found is a little error in the game manual regarding the starting position of the sacks, this is shown in the picture below. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/558638_10150670548112041_622167040_9609937_1718141875_n.jpg

From what I’ve seen in the fields specs the sacks are as seen in the overhead view not the isometric view. Would this be a correct assumption?

Thanks in advance.

The Official Q&A thread looks like it has been created, but not yet open. Have a little patience as Karthik just completed managing the entire Gateway Q&A forum (https://vexforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=367&daysprune=-1) which was open from April 19, 2011 to April 15, 2012 followed by a live Q&A session in Anaheim on April 19, 2012. I think everyone can give VEX a week or two (at least) to set their official Q&A answering structure for the season (or at least allow the poor fellow to rest a bit if he’s going to be carrying the load again).

Which reminds me, thank you Karthik!!! If you read the whole past 12 months of Q&A responses, you’ll find incredible attention to detail, clarity and consistency - always referencing valuable documentation and always with a hearty, “you’re welcome!” The patience, stamina, and focus required to do this over that long a time period is pretty darned remarkable.

I can tackle a few of those. The Parking Bonus says:

“The alliance with the most robots parked at the end of the match receives 10 points.”

Parking is defined as:

“A robot is considered to be parked if it is touching one of its alliance starting files at the end of the match.”

So, if both robots were touching one starting tile, that counts as two robots towards getting the bonus. The key word is touching, not breaking the plane of.

Secondly, if you read the Field Manual (I think that’s where I saw this), it says that all tags must be removed prior to competition. So it doesn’t matter.

The Isometric View had a different problem earlier in regards to the High Goal, and our team is basing its strategy on the overhead view. That one does need to be confirmed by the VEX people, though.

The definition of parked is: A robot is considered to be parked if it is touching one of its own Alliance Starting Tiles at the end of the match.

From my understanding this means that having both robots ending on the same alliance tile will count as two robots being parked.

^I think that is what Ephemeral_Being was talking about…

Yeah, forgot what document it was in. Just knew that the tags needed to be removed.

The only reason I knew was I had just been looking at the thread haha

this game manual seems a little more clear than gateway’s was… i think they mustve gotten tired of so many questions!!! glad they made a good manual.

Glad you like it.

We’re happy to answer any/all Q&A questions, but at the same time we do our best to make the game manual as clear as possible. I’ll never claim our track-record is perfect, but I’m proud we continue to iterate and try to improve each year.


I don’t know if anyone can answer this and I’ll probably put it on the official Q&A when it’s up but, does the entire robot have to be on the tile for the parking bonus or just touching? In the manual it looks like it says just touching but when karthik and JVN were doing the reveal, it looked like they siad completely on the tile

The manual says touching, so I assume that’s what it means.

The manual is the official ruling, not whatever comes out of my mouth 2 minutes after being blown up. :slight_smile:


Edit: rule for starting position, not for parking bonus.

That’s the requirement for a legal starting position, not the requirement for the parked bonus.


Thanks :slight_smile: .