Q&A opening date pushed back?

When originally trying to access the Change Up Q&A forum a message was displayed saying that it would open on May 5th. This was true at least as of this past Sunday. Today is May 5th yet for some reason the message has changed to indicate that the Q&A will open on May 11th. Why is this? This removes a week of time for the GDC to be able to analyze questions asked during this period and make changes for the upcoming May 25th game manual update. @Grant_Cox is there a reason for this delay? I feel that this will put extra pressure on the GDC that would otherwise not had been there if the Q&A had opened today.


The date has always been intended to be May 11th; the original May 5th statement was an error (I think it may have been last year’s date that was not updated somewhere on the backend).

We typically open the Q&A ~2 weeks after Worlds, so that teams have time to digest the manual before launching into questions. In years where it has been opened closer to the game release, the questions are inevitably swamped by posts that are easily answered with further reading in the Game Manual. This sets a precedent from the beginning of the season for the Q&A to be cluttered and redundant, which makes it harder for teams to find questions that genuinely require clarification.


@Grant_Cox Since it is now the 13th, 2 days after the 11th, is there a new scheduled time for the Q&A to open? I wouldn’t really be concerned, except for the rapidly approaching May 25th scheduled manual update, for which the Q&A can provide valuable information to the GDC while it is considering rule changes.


I’d like to think that the two week delay really weeds out the “please read the manual” question. :crazy_face: Nice to see someone still has faith that roboteers will read the manuals deeply in the two weeks.

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Tomorrow Grant will having a webinar on the game, so Q&A might be delayed until after that event. Which makes sense - “Read the Manual” and “Watch me tomorrow when I walk you through the game” for all those who do not wish to read the manual.


LINK for everyone:

Sorry should have included it.

It was posted on Facebook and email blast to teams (I assume registered ones?)


and do note TIME ZONE CDT - 6pm CDT … 7PM EDT … and some others can convert to other time zones…

Youtube automatically converts for the time zone you are in.

Odd, I double checked my email (that has a registered team) and I did not receive information on the webinar. Hopefully the webinar is able to reach the teams that would benefit from it.

The Q&A is now opened. image




@Grant_Cox I am attempting to fix the broken formatting on one of my questions, but am getting the message:

Please choose an applicable rule or other tag for this question. If you are not sure what rule the question pertains to, please review the Game Manual before posting. Often, by finding the applicable rule, you will actually find the answer to your question…

However, there is no place for me to enter tags to be able to satisfy this requirement, therefore I am not able to submit my edit.


I can confirm I received the same error when trying to edit one of the questions.

I was going to add the following to the question “Wallbot’s Possession of Balls”:

“NOTE: the toggle preview shows the images in line with each scenario, but on the published web page it places all the images at the bottom. You should be able to match each image with the scenario description.”



Can the TT Q and A be made reavalible?


Is the judging Q and A open yet? When I clicked the link for the Judging Q&A it reverted me back to last year’s and said “This Q&A is now read-only” Is there a different date for the judging Q&A, or am I missing something stupid.


*quiet mumbling about feature improvements and launch-day bugfixes *

Thanks for the reports y’all. The GDC and the RobotEvents team are working to squash issues as they are identified; I appreciate your patience while we work to get everything ironed out and back to smooth operation for the season.


Thank you for the update, I really appreciate the communication.


@Grant_Cox Hi, I’m having the same issue where I’m unable to edit VAIC-U or VAIC-HS Q&A questions due to not being able to select an applicable rule.

Additionally, is it possible for previous years’ Q&A’s to be made visible again? It is really useful to be able to reference rulings from previous seasons.