Q&A - The mess...

Good morning @VEX_GDC ,

The official Q&A is a good way to get your question answered, but a bad way to find what you are looking for. The following post has information about if the bonus tray should be counted if rings are knocked out, but you would never find it by the title of the post.

Answered: Match affecting

The GDC needs to publish an annotated version of the rules. The rule clarification document just spreads out everything you need to search for. VEXdb does have an annotated version of the rules for VRC, but it’s still hard to find something in particular.


I would like to be able to go to one place, and print one thing that has everything, organized and together in some order. Rules with clarifications inline, and the parts appendix attached. There are so many new teams and amateurs coming into VEX IQ that you have to make it a little easier to find needed information and showing that information to others in a way that is convincing.

Please consider finding some way to make rule clarifications easier to understand and use.