Q&A Usage Guidlines

Greetings VRC Participants,

We ask that you please read this thread thoroughly before posting anything in the official VEX Skyrise Q&A. Last year, over 90% (yes, I counted…) of the questions could have been answered by simply reading the Manual and/pr searching these forums. This year I’m hoping we can reduce the amount of clutter if everyone follows these suggestions.

**1. Read and search the manual before posting any questions

**This one may seem self-explanatory, but I figured I’d state it anyways. After reviewing last few season’s Q&A in detail, it was seen that the majority of questions asked could be answered by simply searching the manual for the applicable rule. The “find” option is a great tool, use it to search the key terms in your question. The VEX Skyrise Game Manual is a short document and a valuable tool, use it!

**2. Read and search the Q&A forum before posting any questions

**This is a corollary to the first item. As the season goes on, we tend to see a great deal of repetition in the Q&A forum. This repetition clutters the forum and makes it harder to find the real gems in here. So, we ask that you search through the Q&A to make sure your question hasn’t already been asked and answered.

If everyone does items 1 & 2, we could probably see an 80% reduction in the amount of Q&A posts. If that happens, it will become that much easier for everyone to do item number 2. (A tad circular, I realize.)

**3. Quote the applicable rule from the latest version of the manual in your question

**If you have a question about a specific rule, make sure you quote it from the manual. The latest version of the manual will always be located here:


Often you’ll find that by quoting the rule, you’ll answer your own question.

**4. Make a separate post for each question you have

**If you three questions on three separate topics, please, make three separate posts. This makes it easier for people to search for specific topics. Of course if you have multiple questions that are all highly related, then feel free to ask them all as part of one post.

**5. Use specific and appropriate thread titles

**The more specific your thread title, the easier it is for people searching the forum to find relevant posts.

Examples of poor thread titles:

  • Self-tipping
  • Descoring question
  • Wall?
  • Skyrise
  • What is this?

Examples of good thread titles:

  • Clarification on SG5
  • Decorative side panels
  • Limits on interaction with Skyrise Building

If everyone follows these tips. I’m sure we’ll have a much more usable and functional Q&A!

Happy rules analyzing,

  • Karthik
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