Q and A update with both very good and very bad features

The Q and A just got an amazing new update. It now tags each new question as new and tags it again when it gets answered. This will save so much time going in and reading old question trying to remember if I have already read the answer yet. Whoever implemented this is amazing. Thank you so much.

Edit: as Sazrocks points out, unanswered q and a aren’t visible. I don’t know why this change was made p, but it is very bad for the reasons he listed. Please change this part back to how it was before.


Mid update. Still unanswered questions.

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I agree, it’s nice to finally have a read/unread Q&As feature.
Unfortunately, this update has also caused a serious regression in Q&A functionality: unanswered Q&As are no longer visible to anyone other than the author. This will lead to a dramatic increase in duplicate Q&A questions as it will be impossible to determine if someone else has recently asked the same question you are asking, and it also makes it impossible to track questions that are unanswered or that are forgotten by the GDC, as has happened on many occasions before. We really need to be able to see unanswered Q&As.


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My gut is that this reduces the complaints that GDC is not answering questions in a timely manner (last season long stretches), those complaints could be warranted - but there are a fair amount of questions that maybe “obvious” and need not clarifications as the Game Manual is clear. I think they are trying to strike a balance to hear everyone, and have a tool that has clarifications from GDC.

Perhaps the compromise is to create a topic “Hey I posted a question to Official Q&A, what’s your take?”

I think the new Q&A modifications are in the right direction - but maybe at some point it may be time to rename the Q&A to be “Official Game Clarifications” …


They fixed it/changed their minds! You can now see unanswered question.


Wait, what, RECF doing the right thing?!? Balderdash and blasphemy I say!

Nice job by the IT team, 8 days to get notification and turn through to production is pretty good work.


Unfortunately, the VEXU Q&A has not received the same treatment. Unanswered Q&As there are still hidden.