Q: Change Up Game & Field Elements Shipping

How long does it take for the Change Up Field & Game Elements to ship to Washington State? I don’t think it would take much to manufacture those as these are just balls and simple scoring goals.

Anyone have a clue?

If the parts are “in stock” (which they appear to be), then shipping from Texas to Washington State would probably be 2-5 days, as VEX usually ships via FedEx Ground. You also have a great reseller, www.robotmesh.com in your state, who might have the parts in stock at their location. Sometimes resellers don’t stock everything, but instead take you order but your parts are shipped from VEX in Texas.

As for the manufacturer, The game elements and goal pieces are made by a process called “injection molding” while the pipes are made by “extrusion”. Both processes are simple and fast, although machining the tooling (molds) for injection molding might take several weeks before production can begin. The pipes are usually a standard size plumbing or electrical conduit, to save on costs. These parts are made in Chinese factories and shipped to Texas, which usually takes about 8-10 weeks by container ship (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Container_ship), then by freight to the VEX warehouse. International shipping can take longer with delays if there is a backup at the entry port, or if US Customs is backed up with shipping.




We would use Robotmesh, but my team won an Online Challenges with the earnings of $500 for VexRobotics.com store. Will that be useable on RobotMesh?



Great job to your team! Which challenge was it?

Congratulations on the prize. You’d have to check with robot mesh

@RobotMesh_Support I’ll have to tag you on this. Can the winnings of last year’s Online Challenges be redeemed on RobotMesh.com? (rather than on VexRobotics.com) We live in Wenatchee, WA. (WHS Robotics 98807) It would be much easier if we ship the Change Up Game Elements from Redmond rather than all the way from Texas.

@Noah10851B 2nd place Promote Video - 98807J Jack in the Cube

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Hi Droideka.

Give me a call at 425 659 3599, and we’ll run the order over the phone.

Cheers, Sam


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