Q: State Championship spots don't fill up

If a State Championship does not fill to capacity, what will happen to the remaining spots?

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See this document: https://www.roboticseducation.org/documents/2020/08/recf-qualifying-criteria.pdf/

Teams are invited from the statewide skills rankings.


Here is the specific section:

Each Event Region will determine if they will be hosting an In-Person Championship, Remote Championship or both. In-Person and Remote Championships are not treated any differently and are referred to as Championship events.
There are three ways for teams to qualify to Championship events: 1. Qualifying Award: Winning a qualifying award at an official event in the team’s Event Region. 2. Robot Skills Ranking: If the Championship event in the team’s region is not filled to capacity through
qualifying awards, teams may qualify through the World Skills Standings sorted for the Event Region and by grade level. Teams invited through Robot Skills Challenge Rankings are invited in ranked order after the results of the last qualifying event in the region have been posted. Scores earned after this date will not be used to qualify teams to their Championship. 3. Waitlist: If there is remaining capacity due to teams not accepting the invite after the Robot Skills Rankings invites have been issued, the capacity will either be lowered, and the event will be closed or teams will be invited from the waitlist. This will be decided by the RSM.


The only way we can qualify now is the waitlist, thx!

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