Q5 - Robot

Here’s a fun project of mine:


Very awesome!
Looks pretty stable. How many brains? Are you bringing it to worlds?


Do the multiple brains talk to each other?

Can you post a picture of the drive base?

Very nice build!!

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The two brains do not talk to each other. Right now I use a regular remote to talk to the drive brain and the brain in his head just has random sequences for the LEDs.

I am working on an android program that can replace the remote control, and talk to both brains.

I’ll get some more pictures & video of how it breaks down.

It will be at the Indiana State Championship and at Worlds.


is this for rise above

This robot is not designed to play VIQC Rise Above, or indeed any VIQC game, and would not pass VIQC inspection for several reasons (multiple brains, too tall, etc).

A search on the forum for something like “rise above reveal” would probably get you what you’re looking for.

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(sorry for replying to this 6 months later)

Wow! This robot is so cool! The way you put the 15 inch height limit really frightened me :grimacing: That thing is a beast!

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