QC Addition

With the changes in the Excellence Award criteria, some concern was raised about very small ERCs that may only have 8 or 10 teams and them being able to award Excellence based on the math behind it. We added the following verbiage to the QC. Our hope is to look into this further in the summer and develop a more comprehensive policy/procedure or possibly looking at different criteria for specific events. There was debate around “should the spot be lost”, “should the spot go to skills”, or “should the spot be replaced with a judged award”. Those we spoke with that have larger ERCs weren’t concerned about this happening in their regions but we do have a very small handful of event regions that are concerned based on the math. They are making an effort to grow their region and consciously wanting to have a full tournament as an ERC to help with that growth. This is encouraged and commendable! There are more split Championships than ever before (a good thing) but it does mean some smaller ERC events. We hope every event can give the Excellence Award but we understand there may be a very small handful where only the top team in all categories, mathematically, can win it and it may not be possible.

Feedback is welcome as again we will take this topic into the off season for more discussion for next year.

Smaller events qualifying to the World Championship may have difficulty awarding the Excellence Award due to having a very small number of teams in the region or at the event.

  • If an event has 3 or fewer spots to Worlds and the Excellence Award is not given out, the spot will be assigned to the Design Award winner at that World-qualifying event.
  • If an event has 4 or more spots to Worlds and the Excellence Award is not given out, the spot will go to the next highest skills team at that World-qualifying event.

For people that don’t speak RECF acronyms

ERC - Event Regional Championship not a Education Resource Center like are in some school districts

QC - Qualifying Criteria not Quality Control


Excellence performance criteria could be the top 30% or the top four teams in each category, whichever is greater. That would be the same as a 16-team tournament, which is typically the smallest type of allowed tournament.

However, I’m also quite happy with the current modifications. I would personally prefer it to go to design rather than skills.