QCC Massachusetts State Championship

So after the last competition at QCC i understand the need for more teams to come to the event on January 7th.The event last weekend was an easy event (compared to the New Hampshire ones we attended) besides 2865A (Millbury High School) and 822A,B and C (Manchester high school) there was no heavy opposition. 2 of our teams went undefeated (2625A & 2625B) so id like to invite any and every team to QCC for the next regional January 7th we hope to see more strong robots and even if your robot isn’t the strongest there was two push bots in the finals so it could be an easy qualification for a team that needs one. QCC is a very nice venue with two fields in the auditorium and another by the entrance as a skills/practice field. the pits are in class rooms which you dont see very often, there a bit more private than a normal gymnasium.I hope to see you there!

817(A) will be there. :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to seeing those 2625’s in person.

About time you came out of the shadows ;), I’ve herd about your plans and i don’t believe its possible or your crazy enough to try it but id like to be proven wrong and now that my school is all qualified we can pick other people so look for us at QCC we shouldn’t be hard to find, just look at the top of the score board :smiley:

Teams 4886a and 4886b are likely to come.

Nice with the 817 teams, 4886 teams (to the best of my knowledge B’s first appearance of the season) plus 822a coming back its looking to be a good competition.:smiley:

now only if the 40, 228, or 44 teams would show up it would be quite a championship of sorts :wink: but none the less its sure to separate the warriors frome the commandos haha

To my knowledge 677 is attending this event, and they’re definitely a powerhouse team in your region. Also to see the teams that are going to this event just look at robotevents.com :).

Their clean sweep bot looks like it would do quite well in gateway with a few minor adjustments.

Nice, they came up during clean sweep and almost beat green egg (they lost in the 3Rd match of the finals buy less than 5 points) this competition is looking to bee a great one! It seems like most of the power house teams will attend (Gus, green egg and trinity should come!)

As to the first part: the B team has competed before but only in one meet. Neither A or B team did very well in that meet.

As to the second part: Green Egg have told me that they will be attending on Saturday. This is going to be a very interesting meet and qualifying is sure to be a challenge.

So now 40 confirmed that they rolling in the troops (all 10 teams) 227 said they might bring a team and now green egg is coming this will be a challenge of epic proportions THIS WILL TRULY BE A CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Wow, I wish I could be at this one, but, sadly, I live 20 hours away from you guys…:frowning:

good luck guys!

20 hours…that’s nothing haha

nah but its completely understandable

Thanks good luck to your teams, let your Vexnet always stay linked and see you at worlds

Wow. This sounds like a tournament we would definitely like to go to, but unfortunately we are in between robot versions. Good luck to everyone.

Cant wait! There is definitely going to be some tough competition :smiley:

Yeah were pretty pumped, we figured if we can win this we can place at worlds its a great place to Gage your progress

cant wait to see what green eggs come up with…

maybe 8 not sure yet!

either way its going to be a crowded pit haha

well we just need a place to store our robots in between matches. Im not worried about that. im worried about battery management haha. 10 teams = not enough batteries

yeah i feel you there we tried to convince mr meagher to order some but he said your 10 teams can get away with 40 so our 3 teams can deal with our 16…then one shorted and we ordered 6 more haha