QCC Massachusetts State Championship

nice! we have enough batteries its just a matter of getting kids to plug them in haha.

:o 4886a&b both run off 10 batteries… except we think ours are faulty, as they randomly die in matches. now controller batteries, who thinks those are a pain?

controller batteries usually last the entire competition (but we swap ours right before alliance selection) and its not that we dont have enough batteries but not enough chargers haha

Ah yes, and our controller battery charger is shot, so that’s why we always have trouble with them.

We usually last the entire competition on our controller batteries

its just one of those “just to be sure” things

I almost forgot (well i did forget completely to be honest) but if any team attending needs any normal wheels (2.75", 4" or 5") my team has an extreme abundance and we need the space so if anyone needs any wheels tell me before by Friday so i can get them from school

Well the tournament was today. Unfortunately I wasn’t there. :frowning: But my team was and they relayed some information to me. Hopefully I remember the numbers from our phone calls. (Fortunately I’m good at remembering team numbers, but obviously correct mistakes if you see them.)

*]The tournament champions were 677, 2625A, and 40F.
*]677 won the excellence award.
*]40G won the design award.
*]2625A won the judges award.
*]Paul T. 27 won the Volunteer of the Year award, and from one of the videos one of my teammates took, I can tell he did a good job announcing. :cool:

677 was the first seed and from what I heard the winning alliance didn’t run into too much opposition.

817 showed up to the competition with four robots:

D Team did the best of our bots with an undefeated record, but had programming issues with the lift throughout.

C Team had some connection issues throughout, but performed very well.

B Team finished near the middle of the pack.

A Team (my team) finished with a record of 2 wins and 3 losses. Our robot has undergone a complete redesign in the past month, and we still have a ton of work to do. My team realized near the middle of the week that we didn’t have time to finish our ambitious version two bot before the competition, so we just put wings on our eight motor mecanum drive base and decided to play defense like 1492.

Anyways, it would have worked very well, but our team has a shortage of working keys, so we won the two matches we connected but lost the three where we didn’t move. :frowning: Tough day. We did get picked for eliminations by C team, but the one match we played in our partner didn’t score enough for the strategy to be viable.

Having completely disassembled version one of our robot I finally got permission from my teammates to release pictures of the first complete version. Look for that reveal soon. Even I think its impressive. :smiley:

any news on greens eggs??

Haha I was about to post on that. Green Egg showed up halfway through, (anyone spot them?) We (4886a) talked to them for around 20 minutes, about robot designs, their bot isnt finished yet. But, the entire team showed up, so I’m guessing they are all making the bot, but only Leland will be the driver. :smiley:

Yeah, they said that our meet, the Green Mountain VEX Challenge may be their first meet… we still have to talk to them about it, but if it is, then maybe people should come to see their soon to be robot crushing machine.

or come to take a shot at beating them

hmm? beaming? im like dead, it was a 4 hour drive back from the meet.

hmm, so they didnt compete at all again…
and the team is still together as a group!
any comments on their robot design?
something totally different?
mind blowing?

haha the only thing leland said is that they couldnt finish it in time. and he had a grin on his face when we asked him if he had seen anything like it, so yes… probably something mind blowing.

cant say i didnt see this coming :wink:
guess well just have to see them face to face at worlds

Haha yes, or just wait for like a couple of weeks, since they are almost done, hopefully.

40G was part of the winning alliance not 40f aha they announced the wrong team during awards

But not letters. Thanks for the correction. I changed it in my original post.

Did 40F or 40G win the Design Award?

it was 40F

the results are here