QCC (Massachusetts) Vex High School Championship

Team 228 would like to thank our alliance partners team 44 and 2625c for their assistance in helping to win this tournament. We were very excited to finish the day with an undefeated 11-0-0 record.

We ended qualifications as the 3rd seed, 1st and 2nd seeds paired up, but were eliminated early. As the 2nd seed alliance, everyone was gunning for us, but we stuck with our game plan and won.

Congratulations to all the teams on their hard work.

Hopefully the event organizers will get results up soon. Sorry, we were in shock after the win, and I didn’t get match or elimination brackets results.

We’re looking forward to joining everyone else in Dallas!

On behalf of team 44, Green Egg Robotics I would like to thank team 228, Gus Robotics for choosing us to ally with them and team 2625C from Worcester Tech this past weekend at the QCC tournament. We enjoyed playing along side you and want to especially thank team 228 for your gracious professionalism in allowing us to play in all matches in both the semis and the finals. Thanks to team 2625c for reaching out to us early on in the day and being enthusiastic and flexible alliance partners. Between the 3 of our teams I thought we made a very strong alliance. Good luck to both of your teams this season and we’ll see you in Dallas if not sooner!

To all the competing teams, Quinsigamond Community College, the tournament organizers and volunteers, thanks for a great competition. Hope to see you all at the Massachusetts State Championship and the New England Competition in the coming months.

Best Wishes,
Team #44, Green Egg Robotics

hey this i team 2625c.thanks for chosing us as an alliance and we can’t express how grateful we are.you did a good job out there and had a nice strategy and so did team GUS.we are currently redesigning our robot and it will hopefully work better and more efficient then our past one.hope to see you at upcoming competitions and especially world.if you decide to pick us again we will help as best we can and have fun. :slight_smile:

Stephen O’Day
Paul Troy
Chris Sotir
Natalie Correa
Jason Mckinney

Good job again green eggs. Miss ya guys. Hope to see you in massatuchetts in Febuary possibly for a tournament

once again congratulations winning alliance, im from team 822, sorry we weren’t able to allian with you 228, we were not physically able to choose you as an alliance, so wish us luck and see you at our school in February hopefully!:cool: