Qn from 8059 - How do you want us to reveal?

Hi all…

My students has just uploaded some questions on the instagram.

Well… as mentioned earlier, we do believe that this year we have some cool gadgets that will allow us to at least go deep into the elimination or to freedom hall.

And since we can’t go worlds, we have decided to do a show-all reveal and see if anyone is keen to adopt some of the gadgets that we have in (and who knows, maybe we can burn the entire worlds this way… bwahaha… ).

the students are wondering how do you prefer the reveal to be done… so here’s the poll…

  • Day-by-day (1 image a day)
  • One full glorious reveal
  • Tutorial style reveal

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I’d have to go with the Tutorial. You can never go wrong with helping next year’s roboteers design good robots.


@meng I realize this may be a very unpopular opinion, so I will say this first. I have loved watching the progress and innovation that 8059 has had for years, so in no way does this mean I don’t want to see what you guys have been up to.
That being said, we don’t know what RECF has planned for worlds and I’m not looking to speculate. But - why not wait a little bit longer to see if there is a plan that will allow your students and many others to attend before releasing your dose of amazing on the world?


You read our mind actually… :slightly_smiling_face:
Any reveals will only be done after the official recf announcement - which i presume will be by 14 Mar (the official date that we can get a full refund of the registration fee).

Just that my teams are eager to stay preparing the shots and video clips for the reveals.


You guys are too smart, I love it!
Looking forward to seeing 8059 in person, or if it doesn’t work out, in the daily reveals.

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You guys are great. Really sad you won’t make it, but I’m looking forwards to the epic reveal


u never know xenon :wink:

Just curious: Does 8059 still plan on a full glorious reveal? I (and I’m sure many others) am very excited to see 8059’s robots.


Sigh… this is quite embarrassing…

Not long after making that announcement abt the reveal, all Singapore schools were told to suspend all after-school activities, and that means no access to the lab as well.

And just 2 days ago, all schools have switched to home-based learning, with all students to stay at home for one month.

Because of the lacked of access to the robots, my students have problem getting enough footage for the worlds reveal.

But they have changed their plan… to make a compilation of our 1st worlds robot (in 2010) to this year worlds robot. It is supposed to be our 10th worlds anniversary this year!

So… sorry for the delay in production. But it will be out about 1 week before the virtual worlds.

And on a similar note. I will need to apologise for missing in action these few weeks. Have been busy getting the school to be ready for school closure and home-based learning.


Thanks so much for the update, I’m looking forward to the release!

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That is something that I’m excited about. I have our Hang’n A Round robot here in my lab and I use with last years winner (that changes from year to year) to show how much robots have progressed in the last 10+ years.

The build levels increase so much year after year after year.

@meng Happy to hear your are safe and well, in these times we all wonder about long pauses between posts


Is this not thier reveal? It looks like it.

that’s for singvex, not for worlds. while those are still worlds-tier bots, their final iterations are not yet revealed.


ahhhhh gotcha