Quad encoder counts

We’re running a four motor turbo drive base. I know that IME counts different ticks per revolution based upon the internal gearing of the motor. With quadrature encoders/optical shaft encoders, do they read 360 ticks per revolution regardless of internal gearing?

Quad encoders read 360 ticks a revolution, so if you mount them directly on the drive wheels yes.

Isn’t it 90 ticks? This could be out of date, but it was on the website selling quad encoders.

It’s 360 when using the cortex. 180 using the old PIC v0.5. There are 90 ticks but each one will causes 4 counts when the encoder is turning.

Regardless of internal gearing?

Yes. It will measure 360 ticks for every time the shaft turns, regardless of the internal gearing of the motor.