Quad encoder fix/modification

We’ve run into the quad encoder issue described in [https://vexforum.com/t/quad-reads-1-2-of-expected-value/43780/1)
The datalog revealed that one of the encoders skips most of the ticks in roughly one quadrant , while working well for the remainder of a rotation. Cleaning the aperture has significantly improved the behavior.
Now, opening a mounted quad encoder is not possible - you need to remove the axle first, which is hardly an option in the middle of a tournament.
Now, a very small modification of the cover (enlarging the cover axle hole by about 1/8") would make it removable even with the axle
still inserted, but that seems to be in a direct violation of R15a. Or is it?
Are you using other approaches to cleaning the quad encoder? Are you running it without the cover?

Unfortunately, that would not be legal (see this). Have you had this problem at all after cleaning it? In my experience encoders are usually fine as long as they have a cover on them and you’re not spraying steel/aluminum dust on them from cutting metal. Don’t run it without a cover, that will make it much worse.