Quad Encoders Help

Hey guys,

I had a couple questions about ways that we could use quad encoders. So for our robot, we want to have 6 or more quad encoders on it, and obviously because of how many digital ports there are, that isn’t possible, so here are my questions

  1. Can you still use the encoder if only one wire is plugged into the cortex? If so, what would happen?
  2. Could you y-cable the encoder wires?

Thank you,


For the answer to question 1, yes you can. If you do this, the reading will only count upwards as it can’t tell which direction its going. For example, if you spin it 360 ticks one way and then 360 ticks back, it will tell you 720 ticks, not 0.
For question 2, I have no idea what would happen, but I highly suspect it would not act as you wish it to.