Quad encoders in easyc

Can anyone post an example of how to program the quad encoders in easyc for autonomous? We have messed around with it and are getting no where. Thanks

Bro i remember having the same head ache. Its easy! i will try to explain it hear but i will also leave a video.

  1. In the Input functions you want to find the encoder block. when you drag it in, you will have it set to start, and it will ask you what ports your encoder is plugged into. this tells the robot to “see” the encoder.
  2. you want to make a variable now in the local variables, and make it a LONG variable type and just leave the value blank or at 0. (this is for a later step)
    3.(OPTIONALl) drag another encoder block and change it to “preset”, it will ask you for the sensor ports you are plugged into and ask what number you wish to preset to. (I don’t typically do this but if someone would like to elaborate on this topic please do)
  3. Now you want to drag another encoder block and have it “get” the encoder value and it then ask you for the local variable that you created.
  4. if you have a LCD display or if you have a wireless programming kit, you can use a “print to screen” programming block to give you information about how many ticks your encoder is going.

I hope my guide helped, if not then check this great video, however if your going to do the auton thing he does try it without the while loop because i had no success when i did! :smiley: