Quad Quandary One Page Game Description pdf

Does anyone have a copy of the pdf that is a one page description of the game Quad Quandary? After Worlds I started organizing the materials I have collected into one binder in an effort to chronicle the last 5 years. I have every other year, except Half Pipe Hustle (I dont think one existed). I searched the internet an cannot seem to find one.If you have one send me a PM and I will give you me e-mail address where you send it to me.

Hey Ken,

It doesn’t look like I can PM you, so I’ve uploaded the game manual here. I don’t know if FIRST created a one page description that year, but Section 2.2 looks pretty close to it.

Edit: Never mind, Blake’s got it.

Ken - See below - Blake

PS: I didn’t find an HPH 1-page description in my records; but I can imagine that I might have ignored downloading it if one existed.
2007 FTC QQ One Page Game Description.pdf (372 KB)

Thanks so much John and Blake. This is a big help.

I made a PDF of a one page description of Half Pipe Hustle.I still have the manual and used most of its language. I attached it here. Please feel free to comment.
Half Pipe Hustle One Page Description.pdf (283 KB)

In case you’re into REALLY ancient history, I stumbled across the first FIRST Vex Challenge Pilot game, played in April 2005 before the inaugural season of Half-Pipe Hustle.
04-TheGame.pdf (329 KB)