Quad Quandry 18" goal.

Does anyone have one?? or made one??

Has anyone tried to attach it to a robot and drag it around??

What your team number from last year and name?

honestly I don’t remember. We had two…


Just wondering.
You don’t know your team name or number… wow

We didn’t have a name last year, we were just harriton, our school name.

Last year was our first year, and I had switched schools. I remember my old school’s number, but our’s im not entirely sure. I just asked my advisor.

it’s not a big deal either, we didn’t get to nationals.

What state competition did you go to?

I believe Driven Robots hooked onto the 18 " goals and dragged them around. Then they picked up on the other side so they could efficiently score.

Our robot can drag around the 18" or score, but not both at the same time.

its not nice to reveal other teams strategies

Unless he broke into their workroom and secretly video taped them there is no problem.


our number this year, which is the one we are keeping is 197.

It was 14 something lastyear.

Wow, how did you know that? Driven is from my area…

anyways. Yeah, my friend said they were at the scrimage in NJ and they didn’t do too well with it, I just wanted to see other people’s experiences with it, it could have just been the design they used to grab it.

Of course.
then it would be perfectly fine

Wrong / Incorrect


If its posted, its fair game… I don’t see what the issue is.
Anyways, we have a fair bit of experience facing Driven, as we faced them in semifinals in PA and quarterfinals at worlds =P

3614 Harriton High School - Harriton2 PA Rank 33

It is un-graciously-professional to accuse others of being un-graciously-professional.

Oh sorry
:o :slight_smile:
But still would you like it if someone told every one your secrets?

If they are secrets, I would make sure no one knows them. At least I’d make sure the only people who know them are smart enough not to post them on a public forum; but maybe that’s just me.


How many rings can you fit on the low posts?

are you talking about the single goals or the side goals?

side goals - alot you shouldnt have to worry
single goals - probably about 30

I agree with the side goals, but you can only fit about 8-10 (4-5 on each) on the crossbar goals. you can’t fit 15 rings (15 inches) on the crossbar goals because of the stopper.