Quad Quandry designs

How far along are you on your robots for Quad Quandry?

We’ve built the chassis and drive trains and are working on the arm. Then were going to add some kind of ‘bulldozer’ and then add sensors. Then were on to programming!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not giving away our design, but we have our chassis and another part done. I’m not saying what the part is. Everyone will talk all about it when they see it. I’m not trying to be cocky, but we are definitely thinking outside the box.

i’m curious as to what this ‘part’ is, what tournament are u going to?

The VA regional in Charlottesville

dang im in canada, can you post pics after your regional?:frowning:

Well, our team has disected the game, and now we know what we want to do. We’re sorting our “how to do its”. Then we’ll start building and testing. The best performing parts will end up in the final robot.

As mentioned earlier by a master roboteer. Testing and reiteration. Seldom is your first idea your best, and usually the design needs to be improved more than once. This isn’t a speed race.

Take your time, and try lots of new things. Sometimes our best designs have come in the eleventh hour before competition.

Also, as competitions start to occur, then you’ll see new and better designs, and you’ll get to see how the game actually plays out. Both will probably cause you to redesign even more.

Winning robot designs are continually evolving projects.

Our team found that out last year. We also found out that we need to get on the ball and get our designs done quick, leaving 2 main designs to leave room to scrap a robot if need be.

i can’t find a team nor a single person to enter the competition with, so it looks like i’ll have to think something up for next year :frowning:

We basically used parts from last year’s robot to build this year’s robot. We can pick up 6-10 rings very quickly, as well as score them on 5 pointer fast, as well as manipulate the goals quite well. We have no idea how to program autonomous though. We may have to add sensors.

I’m expecting some “walking” robots, building from team 71 beatty’s 2001-2002’s world champion idea.


I strongly reccommend a couple of sensors for the autonomous mode.

-light sensors
-bumpers and limits

They willl enhance your robot and you code.

As for programming look through the exapmle codes, they will help you.

Good Luck


I agree with all of your statement but the “light sensors”… How effective do you think the “light sensors” will be??? I don’t think they will be effective in the Quad Quandary field…

Doesn’t each team have to pick up their own colored rings?

If not, then my mistake.

True Technic, but the red rings are in blue and the blue rings are in red so all you have to do is go to the other quadrant to find the right color rings.

yes but if your robot get hit in autonomous by another robot this changes your course of the robot if you use ‘dead reckoning’, i think a light sensor is a great idea. also there is black tape along the quadrant sections for detecting if your robot went over it and the goals are painted white i think so your robot could detect that and push into your zone

There is no black tape on the field, the floor is a dark gray and there is red and blue tape along with the white tape.

look on the field dimensions i believer it says to put a black piece of tape between the blue and red tape for the quadrants

It says to place a couple of small black marks to aid in goal placement. If your robot can find those that’s amazing. Otherwise there is no black tape. Beside that though if you simply wanted to detect when you have changed quadrants you wouldn’t need black tape. The red and blue would be enough.

This years game makes it hard for the light and ultrasonic sensors to work. The light because the rings are much thinner than the balls last year, same for the range finder too. If anyone hasn’t reconized, these sensors aren’t the highest of quality.