Quad Quandry designs

so far i dont have any ideas for autonomous mode yet, i was thinking of using limit switches to detect the hexagon goals but they could get accidentaly hit by a ring

Because the field is so random dealing with autonomous, I’d say just get an autonomous to just run through the field knocking down the ring stacks. Unless of course, your robot depends on the rings being upright.

yah thats a good strategy, also you can just run in circles blocking other robots from scoring, although if u have a hook arm knocking down rings is not smart,but i dont have a hook arm;)

Our team was thinking of doing a frc design and grab all the goals at once and, go to our side but, thats probably to hard with vex pahttps://vexforum.com/images/smilies/frown.gif

The ring wont be up for that long so that would be stupid to depend on ring to be upright.
not saying you are.:wink:

you can make a hook arm with 1 or 2 motors to pick up rings real easy, i was going to do this but i found a better design:D

Would light sensors be good enough to identify blue and red rings? Would the motors be strong enough to move the arm quick and effectively?

i dont have a light sensor but i think they would be good enough, just test the values from 0 to 255 for each color (obviously specifically red and blue) and then at the start of the game put your light sensor up to the flag to see which alliance you are (because remember you can only score rings of the color your alliance is)

If the rings are in the light, ie, not in a shadow from the robot or anything else, the light sensor should be fine. It may work in the shadow too but you have a better chance of sensing the wrong ring.

Have the design worked out, now we have to build it. The chassis and chassis programming will be done very soon though. We are debating on what kind of train to use. Holonomic/Mecanum/changing gear ratio’s

I can’t enter the competition, (dang. Not in high school) buy I am making a robot that could compete in this competition. I’m making a robot with a claw. My claw can pick up 3 PVC sections at a time. It can reach the high goal. Too bad I don’t have the programming kit (not enough money) so I can’t do autonomous.

i’m in grade 8 and in the competition alone…is this a problem?

You don’t have to be in High School to participate in the FTC. Last Year I confirmed this through official Q&A with FIRST.

There is no lower limit on the age of participants.

One adult and one student is all it takes to form a team (the adult has to name an alternate contact during registration).

If you can handle the challenge, or if you just want to find out if you can, go for it.

Learn (i.e. do research), design, build, integrate, test, repeat.


thanks for the info, next year ill have more people though
although you still need a payment method (vex can be expensive!!!)

Your on a team by your self?
If so you can have an online team and talk over the internet I know taxes ranger was on a team but isn’t anymore.you could have a team witth him

Wow! I didn’t know that I could enter even though I wasn’t in High School. It would be really fun to do it next year.:smiley:

if you’ve got the money and your local regionals arent full theres still a chance to do it