Quad Track Platform

What do you mean? the specs for the regular vex motors are:
VEX Robotics Motor Kit - Technical InfoVEX Robotics Description
Free Speed 100 rpm @ 7.5 volts (performance varies slightly due to variations in manufacturing)
**Stall Torque 6.5 in-lbs **(approximately)
Max / Min Voltage 4.4 - 15 Volts (Motor life will be reduced operating outside the VEX Controller range of 5.5 - 9.0 Volts)
PWM Input 1ms - 2ms will give full reverse to full forward, 1.5ms is neutral
Nominal Dead Band 1.47ms - 1.55ms
Weight 0.21 lbs.
Wiring Black - ground; Orange - (+) power; White - PWM motor control signal
Current Draw - (+) Power pin 5mA to about 1 Amp. at stall per Motor

and with the vexplorer motors:

VEX-RC VB-1 Motors - Technical Info
VEX Robotics Description
Unit Dimensions Length 2.7 in. x Width 1 in. x Height 1.5 in.
Stall Torque 6.5 inch-pounds
Free spin 74 rpm at 7.5V
Current Draw 0.14 Amps to about 1.6 Amp. at stall per Motor at 7.5V
Wiring Black - ground; Red - (+) power
Weight 0.12 lbs. per motor

just wondering. maybe i should buy a few vexplorer motors for drivetrains.

Free spin 74 rpm at 7.5V-vexplorer Free Speed 100 rpm at 7.5V-vexred

Why is there a difference in rpm?
Does that mean they are geared differently?

I would either go with the nerf idea or a rover bot that collects data of its surroundings while in rough terrain

yeah the rough terrain one would be cool. assuming that you guys have like 909384598347598347596734958769487694856983475968470698347956724905867349085760948756094750968743905867405867094576907459067439876934857690483756908734596874095876093485760987569082983450289340926046961409860931659028590813456091384650913847560983746815093486509486095093859384259348 parts, you can build one.

Most of these comments are from 2009, what did you end up putting on the platform? I am building a similar project in my engineering class but a smaller version and need ideas for what to put on top.

OP was last active 7 years ago, I doubt you’re gonna get an answer.