Quadriple Reverse 8 Bar lift(QR8B)

an 8 bar is pretty much as high as a dr4b. think about qr8b:scream:

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But then in that case a DR4B would be a DR2B. With 2 bars, rather than 4.

The double reverse 4 bar lift, and the quadruple reverse 8 bar lift.

It appears to be that you are referencing vertical height.
Saving vertical height is less useful than saving horizontal space, since you can’t really mount anything on top of the qr8b.
Again, a qr8b is not impossible, but is unnecessary, as a tower built that tall would be very unstable.
Its better off as recruiting material than something to be used in tournaments.

Ahem. I mean qr4b. I have been struck by the big dum

Have you seen any robots which had such a lift? And also because there are 4 axes of movement, there are 8 bars, double the amount on a DR4B

The terminology used in VEX lifts is not consistent with other uses in engineering.
Still, the term 4-bar in VEX usually refers to a left and right pair of parallel bars. A DR4B is basicially 2 4-bars sat on top of each other, with one reversed. People aren’t counting the towers on the robot or the mid-way towers in between the two 4-bars.
A QR8B on that basis would suggest four 8-bar lifts on top of each other, which would be enormous, 11 or 12 foot.


Then would it be refered to as, a DR8B?

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we will say this lift has 4 quarters, each quarter is a singular 4 bar lift. wouldn’t it make it a quadruple (since it has 4 stages) 4 bar (since its stages are made up entirely of 4 bar lifts) lift?

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The first letter in the term (?)R(?)B is the amount of lifting bar sets there are in a lift. Since these are usually paired the best fitting words would be Double, Quadruple, Sextuple, Octuple and so on. The 3rd letter is the type of lifting bar set (4 bar, 6 bar, 8 bar, and even chain bar). The 2nd and 4th letters help describe what lift it is (R-reverse, B-bar)

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This is a four bar:

This is a DR4B:
Because there are two four bars attached to each other (hence the word “double”), and the top four bar is facing the opposite direction, (hence the word “reverse”)

A QR4B would be four (because of “Quadruple”), four bars. Basically, two DR4Bs on top of each other.


That’s a very detailed explanation thanks for the information.

Yeah so we can agree that this would be called a Quadruple Reverse 4 Bar (QR4B) rather than something else?

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Sure. I agree.
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But, on that note… QR8B… someone with too much time on their hands please build one.


if you made an 8 bar out of 35 hole long c channels, so maximum length, it would be somewhere around 36" tall. (this number was from me laying out c channel on my floor in an 8 bar shape and kind of estimating a bit, so its a very rough number)
if you had 4 of such 8 bars stacked on top of one another, that’s 144" tall. add maybe 12" for the lift towers on the base, and you have 156" tall. that’s 13 feet tall. Idk what the game manual says on the matter of breaking through venue ceilings…


What about a QR8B made out of skyrise 8 bars


QR8B but made with vex U sizing


As a newbie, i don’t have the time.

Usually, the cellings should be more than 13 feet tall. Most homes have at least 10 feet high ceilings. A public place would have much more.

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