Qualification requirements

What is the minimum number of teams that have to compete in order to make the event a qualifying event for state/ World?

This is from the VRC/RECF 2016/2017 Championship Qualifying Criteria:

VRC events must meet the following criteria:
• Be listed as a VRC event with online registration hosted on www.robotevents.com.
• Be an event held between June 1, 2016, and two weeks prior to the State/Regional/Provincial Championship
event for which they will qualify.
• All teams participating at the event have completed their 2016-17 VRC Team registration. Teams will not be able
to register for events until their Team Registration is completed and paid via credit card, check, or purchase order.
• The event must follow the Official Rules in the Game Manual (including tournament/alliance selection guidelines)
and Tournament Manager results must be uploaded within 48 hours of event completion.
• Posting Deadline: Official Qualifying Events must be posted on RobotEvents.com by Nov 1, 2016 and be open for
registration at least 8 weeks in advance of the event.
Events are required to have at least 16 competing teams to be listed as an official qualifying event.
RobotEvents.com registrations and payments must be completed a minimum of one week before any event, at
which point online registration/payment will be unavailable. Teams may still be added to an event manually by the
event partner, but event fees for those teams must be paid directly to the Event Partner and cannot be processed
on RobotEvents.com
• Tournaments and Leagues with more than 35 teams participating, and all Skills-Only events, offer Driving and
Programming Skills Challenge Matches. Skills Challenge Matches are highly recommended for all events.