Qualified for Nationals/States?

I am a team in Georgia, United States.
If our team get awarded Excellence Award in a official competition, will our team be qualified for states and nationals? Or do we need another award to get qualified for nationals?

I can’t speak for your region, but here in Arizona, Excellence qualifies for both State and Nationals. Check the event on robotevents.com to check for sure! It should say under the event’s “awards” section.

Is there a way to find the competition that was hosted last year around early fall maybe?

i can check too but i cant seem to find the PGMS vex competition that was hosted last year around early fall.

It isn’t showing that you’ve won any awards for NBN.

Or are you asking a theoretical question?

Edit: You need a high school excellence award to qualify for the US Create Opener. You won a MS excellence award last year, but it did qualify you for both the MS and HS Georgia state comp.

no i have won excellence award at the PGMS Vex competition. Where are u looking at? I am just curious


That is wrong. Here look

That’s weird. Contact whoever ran the tournament and see if they can fix it. It might have been counted as an unofficial tournament?

I also noticed they didn’t submit a programming skills winner, so maybe that messed up everything. I would try contacting whoever ran the tournament to find out.

your team was qualified for state and nationals however if you didn’t register within 3 weeks of qualifying (and I assume you didnt because this competition was in september) you will have to be put on the wait list for the state tournament as far as i know. I think it will be likely that you will be allowed to sign up though because there are few teams registered for GA state right now and they need to fill the spots.

The vex database scouting website is usually great, but every once in a while there may be an error reporting awards. The robotevents data is the official data used of qualifying.

That site is a great resource but for example, my team’s programming skills is incorrectly recorded there. They have a really old score from us, not even from this season posted up there.

The data is directly pulled from robotevents. Is there a specific competition that your missing? Sometimes event partners label competions with the wrong date and it messes up the database but I have yet to see a fault that was on vex databases end. I

Why do you say that? It lists your 95, which according to robotevents was achieved on 12/19/15 (this season) at Cranbrook, and it lists your 183 achieved earlier on 10/10/15 at MCCC. It looks like the data matches up with robotevents to me.

I can’t see why you won’t qualify. At least in Arizona, if you get one of those awards, you will qualify.

One of which awards? Tournament champions doesn’t always qualify one for state in Arizona.