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Hello! Quick question, can my Vex IQ team qualify for multiple states? I live in Indiana, and let’s say I qualify for Indiana State. Can I go to Michigan, and qualify for there state? If so can I attend both State Competitions, and participate? Or only one?

You can only compete at one state championship, and that is the states held at your own region. Winning a competition in another region won’t qualify you for anything.


Ok thank you so much! Can we still go to one for practice?

You can go to any regional tournament (not state championship) as long as they allow teams from other regions to come


If you are going to an out of state competition, it is generally good practice to contact the EP beforehand to make sure they are ok with it.

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I believe you mean local event.


In the Qualifying Criteria, “regional” and “state” mean the same thing. You can sign up for any local event. EP’s typically can’t restrict who came to their tournaments.

As always, check through the Qualifying Criteria for further details:


It’s a great read for a relaxing evening on the beach…


“Regional” officially describes state-level championships that aren’t specifically about one state, although I’ve heard some people using it to describe local events instead.

My suggestion would be for everyone to use “local tournament/event” for any event that’s just a regular tournament and not a state championship (even if it isn’t near where your team is), and not use “regional event” for that, and for state-level regional championships, make sure to include “championship”, and preferably also include “state” and/or “national” when you’re talking about multiple places’ regional championships. (Calling them Regional Championship or Regionals also helps to clarify, since “championship” is usually only used for state-level championships, and capitalizing the name makes it clearer that it’s something more official/important than a regular tournament.)


Oh cool you have a team in indiana! Whats your team name ? I have a team in Fort wayne indiana

Hi! Bit late lol. Our team number is #44000A. What about yours?

The answers above are correct but not complete. You cannot win a invitation based on a qualifying award outside your home state/province/region, but robot skills scores do apply to the season long list. As an Indiana team, you are not eligible to qualify for the Michigan state championship, but any robot skills scores in Michigan can help you qualify for the Indiana state championship and VEX Worlds.

There are places where it is technically possible to qualify for more than one championship. Texas has 4 regionals and you must attend the one you are zoned for. California also has 4 regionals, but you may attend the one of your choice (unless that has changed recently).


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