Qualifying criteria spots with free teams after 5

With the new pricing system, the teams you register after 5 are FREE! That’s great for a large organization like mine. I usually have 20ish teams.

So when I went to register the teams I just did all the letters. For purposes of the qualifying criteria, this will be a little deceptive as there are teams numbers that were registered that might not ever be used and should not be used in the team count calculation for allocation of additional spots in January.

But the document isn’t out yet, so I guess we’ll wait and see how it will work…


Why register all the letters? other than you can?

as for spot allocations, it is based on active teams from previous season and they load balance to each region. This year will be a bit challenging with international teams more likely to be able to travel.

As of last season, the spot numbers are published late fall after the qualifying criteria doc is released in summer.


There are 26 letters, I don’t do E because we retired that letter, and I and O can’t be used. That leaves me with 23 letters and I usually register 20. I just added the other three. Once you are on a roll it’s easier to just add them in all at once.

From last year it said “registered teams,” and then it says “teams.” I think it should be active teams, defined by having participating in an event or registered for an event (for the Jan 1 bonus). Here’s the note from last year.

Page 13: https://www.roboticseducation.org/documents/2020/08/recf-qualifying-criteria.pdf/


as well as Q and L I believe.

Doubt this will have much of an impact on spot allocation, a few unused teams registered here and there will probably have no effect on the spot allocation, and if it turns out they do, only looking at active teams seems like an easy fix.

Great change though, being able to register teams over 5 for free must save a lot, especially with a 20 team org.


It’ the first time they’ve been like… Nah, keep that $1500 you had in your budget… :slight_smile:


For us, six teams is same cost as last season … I have little desire to grow to 22 teams for now :slight_smile:


don’t worry, vex reversed that with the screw rules! But seriously a really good change.

Do we know if this applies to VEXU and VEXAI as well?

Let’s keep at least one thread on this forum free of screws… :slight_smile:


How would this work with VEXU? There’s no concept of an organization larger than a team since each team is just the series of letters, right? There’s no PYRO-A or PYRO1 or anything.


Purdue has BLRS and BLRS2, so I presume there’s some sort of organization type thing available.


Yep, at least in the map search this seems to be the case.


Huh, well, this shows how little of a clue I have about VEX U. Never mind then.

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In VEXU, the string of letters (BCUZ) is the organization-wide identification, and you can register teams in the same organization by adding different numbers at the end. This is like how you used not need to have a letter in VRC and a team with just a number.