Qualifying for championships in other regions

This question is for the RECF involved the regions but not sure were else I could post it.

If a team wins another regions event that would normally qualify them for the other regions championship do they qualify for their own regions championship?

California team wins Nevada regional. Does that qualify them for California states? Does that get them anything?

I’m moving this question to the general forum for now, so it can be answered by the RECF (I’ve also emailed a few people to let them know this question is pending.). Once the 2014 World Championship Q&A forum is created, these types of questions can be asked there.


Thanks Karthik :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

Karthik has their been any news on what happens to teams that qualify for other regions state competitions.

No news to report, but the RECF should be answering your question shortly. They’re currently planning their Event Partner Summit, taking place next week, where event hosts from around the world will be meeting to discuss the upcoming season. I’m sure World Championship Qualifications will be a major item of discussion.

Great question! As most states/regions are moving to the new REC Foundation qualifying model, teams that qualify for another state’s championship will not be allowed to compete in that championship. The same team still must qualify at an event that can qualify them for their state championship as well. In summary, winning an out of state event doesn’t qualify a team for the other state’s event nor does it qualify them for their own state championship. The primary exception to this rule would apply when the team that qualified for an another state/regional championship does not have a state or regional championship of their own in which to participate. Please let me know if this clears it up.


Doesn’t that hinder teams with regional championships? In other words if Nevada didn’t have a state competition we would have our 3 spots and as many as we could steal from California state championship.

Glad I’m not in Reno (although I still don’t understand the rules here), 20 miles to CA border, 200 miles to the Bay area, or 450 miles to Las Vegas.

Having Regional competitions is cool but deciding the regions based off of state seems kinda silly out here on the west coast. SoCal and NorCal should be own regions for championships because they are separate for most competitions and Reno is just ridiculous as you said. :smiley:

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