Qualifying for multiple state tournaments

(I didn’t want to post this on the official forum becuase it will foster better communication with the community) I was looking at some of the competitions near me and realized that I could easily attend qualifiers in other states. I was wondering that if I qualified for both State Tournaments, could I go to both? I would assume that I could, but, has this question be asked/tested before, and what happened?

You can only go to one - this will be confirmed once the VRC Qualifying Criteria is released.

This was the precent set by previous years, correct?

I am only using information I have seen relating to this year’s rules.

Which rules, may I ask? I haven’t read anything in the manual or official rulings, but I didn’t look very hard at the Awards appendix

Event Partner Summit is going on right now. The VRC Qualifying Criteria document has been presented there. The document will be released on the RECF website in the Events Document. The summit document is the basis for the assertion there will be 50 qualifying for Worlds based on combined Robot Skills rankings on robotevents.com

Ah, ok

An organization will only be eligible to attend one event state championship. So lets say 9571d qualifies for the Illinois and Missouri state championships, but only 9571r only qualifies for Missouri. I can’t have d go to Illinois and r go to Missouri, or d go to both qnd r go to only Missouri. The “state/provincial” model was adopted so teams that have larger budgets that could travel across many regions would have an unfair advantage. Also with this you have to submit a waiver to both regional support managers with a vaild reason. (I.e. Missouri State’s Championship is only 2 hours away where as Illinois is 6+ for my teams).

Ahh. The NC State Tournament would have been very viable for my to participate in, cause it’s only like 1.5hrs from our school (My actual state tournament is closer to 1hr )

Are you stating this as a fact that organizations can only send teams to only one state? The qualifying criteria applies to teams - so if I have two teams qualify to multiple or different states, they can each go to one of their choice. So in your statement:

  • I can’t have d go to Illinois and r go to Missouri, *
    is incorrect. The 2016-17 VRC Championship Qualifying Criteria states:

I will bring this up, but the thinking in the past is how can one team in the same organization has a hardship, but the other doesn’t as far as the waiver goes.

It may be that certain regions have come up with a structure that is not covered in the criteria document. I was more concerned of not making a blanket statement about what the criteria document states.