Qualifying for State/Nationals

How does your area qualify teams for the last (World’s qualifying) tournament? We are at an awkward size where a single tournament with all the teams is too big for our venue.
I’d love to here some ideas as we plan out our new season.

Summarized from the 2018-2019 Qualifying Criteria, pages 4-6:
Win specific awards at your regional/national championships (ie design, excellence, or tournament championships), which can depend on how active your region is, or
Participate in a signature event; qualifying there can also vary.
Take it with a grain of salt, since we don’t know what changes the RECF will make for the 2019-2020 season.
There are also extra worlds spots given to winners of the online challenges as well.

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Am I understanding you correctly in that you are asking how teams qualify for the State/Regional/National Tournament (The one that then sends winners to Worlds)?

If so, generally the earlier tournaments in the area have qualifying spots… e.g Excellence Winner, Tournament Winners, Design Winner, etc. These all become the competitors at the State/Regional/National Championship. Any remaining spots (to get to the tournament size) are generally filled from skills scores.

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Yep, we’re looking for a way to qualify teams to Nationals. The link Wiredcat shared was what I needed. I didn’t realize there was an official document about local qualifications, so it was perfect.