Qualifying for State/Province/Regional/National Championship

Note: This is about the VIQC program.
I’ve been looking through the qualification criteria to advance to the State (or its equivalent) championship. There is a provision for if a team double-qualifies within the event (I presume by winning Teamwork and Excellence), but it is clear that no allowance made for teams that have qualified at other events.
Am I reading this right - that if, say, two previous 2019-20 Teamwork-winning teams are ranked 1-2 and post the highest Teamwork score, and a third previous winner gets the Excellence award, no teams from that event would get an automatic invite to the next level?
(Yes I realize teams may advance based on the strength of their skills runs)

That’s how I’ve always understood it… When sending out invitations for State/Province/Regional/National Tournament, invites first go to all those who qualified by winning outright (Teamwork, Excellence, etc) . The EPs then look at how many spots they have and how many teams are coming. If there are spots open, they make their way down the skills ranking, skipping any teams already invited due to winning outright.

Those skills ranking are based on highest skills scores from any qualifying tournament.

@ChrisR246 What you explained is how I understand the normal process works at the end of the season. Reading the OP’s post, I take it that the question is about within an event.

If the question is about the event itself, I don’t believe previous performances are factored in. So, if Team A wins the Teamwork at Tournament A, and also wins Teamwork at Tournament B, Team A will get another invite to State/regional/etc. after Tournament B. But Team A can only register for 1 spot at State. So, essentially the second win will go to another team from the Skills rankings at the end of the season as ChrisR246 described. There is a rule, as others have posted here, where a team cannot win 2 qualifying judged awards at the same tournament.

Now, I have heard (but have no knowledge if it’s true or not) that if a team double qualifies at the same event (e.g Team C gets both Teamwork Champion and Excellence), the 2nd invite goes to the highest skills team (other than Team C) from that event.

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Yes. That is true (at least for VRC-that’s how my team qualifies for states).

Yes, that can be how it happens. If only three teams qualify from the tournament then that will happen more often. We will sometimes have 5 spots and that will generally end up with a few new invites even with the powerhouse teams in the house.

Keep in mind that those top teams got there through years of dedication and naturally should win the competitions they go to. Other teams can get to that point once they put in the time over the years.

Making sure they get a good programming score is essential to getting a good overall skills score to qualify for the state tournament.

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Yes, that is what the linked document in the OP says as well.

I must have missed something. I’ve read that document several dozen times last year, and just now. I don’t see anything about Skills from same event. On page 2 and page 4, I see it talking about using skills by the end of the season or after State for Worlds. Can you point me to where it talks about double qualifiers within a single event, and using the skills leader? I’ve heard it, but I can seem to find it.

Page 3:
5. If there is an out-of-state/region/province/nation team, or a team that double qualifies from the
event (not from previous events or other methods), that spot will go to the next highest
unqualified team on the Robot Skills ranking at that event. There is no look-back to previous
events to see if a team has previously qualified. These spots will be filled by the Regional
Support Manager.


:blush: Wow, I must have totally overlook that.