Qualifying for State Tournament through Skills

Hi Karthik,
In the qualification criteria for State/Provincial Tournaments, it says:

My question is based off the following scenario:
Team Z is from State A. Z scores a 38 in Programming Skills, in a tournament in State A. In State A’s rankings, 38 is 8th place. They then attend a tournament in State B and score a 63, which would be first place in State A.

Does the score from the tournament in State B count in State A’s rankings, since Team Z is from State A?


Hi Wallaby,

I’m moving this question to the World Championship Q&A, where someone from the RECF can answer this for you. Despite not being a specific World Championship question, you’ll be able to get an official and definitive answer from the RECF.

Thanks Karthik.

Any update?

Ok, well this doesn’t really matter to my team anymore after yesterday…

If a State/Regional championship is using Global skills scores to fill spots at the state/regional championship then Teams are qualified to their local State/Regional event based on their skills ranking in global skills challenge regardless of where that score was earned.