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In a VRC competition yesterday November 23 (Central Valley Tower Takover, Ceres, CA), our team got the design award. Does anyone know if this qualifies for the California State Champoinship? Also anyone know how many “spots” CA has? “Spots” refers to the VEX Qualifying Criteria Document. Thanks!

This also depends on the size of the competition. How many teams were there?

You can find this information on RobotEvents under the “Awards” tab.

35 but one got dq’ed

thanks! yeah, it doesn’t qualify. oh well, there’s always next time.

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Design award does not qualify according to Robotevents for the event cited:

The official results have yet to be posted.

In California design doesn’t qualify

^There is at least one event in California where Design qualified for state.

However, I have been noting that fewer competitions this year have the Design Award qualifying for state within California. Personally, I fear that that will just ultimately mean even more people qualifying for State through Skills, even more than the several dozen teams from last year.

Also, I love how California splits 51 Worlds spots across 5 States competitions, so the LA Competition also has Robot Skills qualifying for Worlds, along with everyone else’s Excellence, Design, and everyone in the Semifinals onward.

please qualify what is NOT TRUE … for the purposes of the specific event Central Valley - it is.

There are reasons for why awards do and don’t qualify. bigger events typically get more spots.

From a brief look at robotevents.com, I can see there are about 80 qualifying HS events in California. If each qualifies three teams regardless of size that’s 240 spots.

There are 5 state HS tournaments, each with 40 spots each, which is 200 spots.

So they expect 40/240 = 16% double qualifiers. This makes sense as there are so few spots from each tournament.

I don’t know how many teams there are in CA. I can guess…

FL has 20 spots for 295 teams last year. CA has 51 spots, so it has about 750 teams. RECF is shooting for about 40% of teams to make it to states, so the state tournaments should really have about 300 available spots.

So, it would be great if CA could increase the state tournament overall capacity by 100 teams by either adding more tournaments or by making the individual tournaments bigger. That would get the design award at more tournaments, and maybe even skills as with more awards you have more double qualifications.

In any case, there is a lot of thought that goes into planning these championship events, and I’m sure the low numbers are for some good reason.

That’s not fair… It should go to the highest skills score of the unqualified teams from the state. The five tournaments should all be equal unless they divide up the state geographically as the different states are divided up.

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Dang you guys have to qual for states?

Yes Logan, other regions are more competitive.

well yes i know that, i was wondering how many other states are like ours

We have to qual for everything out of state