Qualifying for States

Assuming one attended a 30-person official vex competition in an envoy of 4 different subteams under a single team (each bearing the same team number, but a different letter), and one of the teams qualified for states, is the one subteam that won qualified to go to states or is the whole team given permission to attend? The rules seemed unclear as to the qualification process in this regard. Thanks

Thanks for the question, and thanks for giving us an opportunity to clarify. Invitations to State, Regional, National, or World Championship events are restricted to a specific team, independent of the “organization” or “school.” To emphasize and clarify, if team 123A wins the Excellence Award at their local qualifying event, only team 123A will be eligible to register for, and attend, their State Championship. Team 123B does not qualify as a result of team 123A’s performance. In summary, all qualifications are specific to the actual team, in the example above, only team 123A is qualified. I hope that this helps clarify.