Qualifying for the Worlds... (From South Korea)

Our teams just completed their ONE competition in South Korea that could give them a seat in the worlds.

We were in 1st and 2nd place going into the finals. But the local rule does not allow teams to choose alliances for the final games. So the organizers arranged the 4 finalists into a final 3 games. The team with the most wins/highest score gets the seat for the worlds.

Our 2 teams lost 1 game each – we did not get the seat to the worlds.

However, we walked away with the Programming Champion and Robot Skills Champion trophies — having the highest scores in these categories.

Does anyone know how many seats a country can get to the worlds and how a country can increase seats into the worlds?

Also, given our “loss” (although we “won” in 2 categories), this gives a strong impression that the tournament matches comes out as more important than Programming Skills and Robot Skills categories. Is that the case?

One of our teams was already the highest scoring in matches, highest scoring in programming, highest scoring in robot skills. Yet due to a local rule of having 3 final games for the top 4 teams — that caused a major upset to us. In this case, “luck” could really be on the side of the winning team.

Any thoughts on these?

Thank you!