Qualifying for World Championships- Multiple Teams

Hello, I am new to the VEX world this year, but I can officially say I am obsessed with it. I currently have 1 team of 6 students at my school. We have done very well with 2 Excellence awards and 1 Design Award so far.

We have State Championships in a little less than a month and we just got the wonderful news that 8 teams will be able to qualify for Worlds! This was a huge school movement on my districts part so almost all of the other teams competing are also new to robotics, but some schools were able to raise funding to have more than one team.

My question is…
Can more than one team from each school qualify for a spot at worlds?
For example: “Southside Elementary” has 6 teams. Say they do really well, can all 6 teams claim a spot for Worlds?

Just wondering, hope this make sense.


Yes,. We’ve taken two or three teams from our school the last couple years.