Qualifying for worlds directly through skills

Is there any way to qualify for worlds just by having a high skills score? I missed my chance for qualifying at the regional event, but there is a possibility that I could get within top 5 in the world for robot skills. Are there any worlds spots allotted for unqualified teams in skills? Or, if teams qualify but can’t make worlds, will they fill in the extra slots with teams from the skills ranking? 2 years ago a team from my school didn’t qualify at the regional event, but at a later event placed 11th in the world for skills and qualified that way. Can teams still do this?

There is no longer a “qualifying directly through skills”, years ago the top 35 HS and 15 MS would advance.

Your regional championship may be advancing teams from the Worlds Skills list if there is double qualifications.

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Thanks for the reply, unfortunately we will not qualify through skills from the tournament because of several problems we had when we tried to run skills then. Another team from my school will likely qualify that way though.

For worlds qualifying events, double qual will pull off world skills score for your region not event skills score.

From qualifying criteria doc:

Spots to VEX Worlds from Designated Regions: 7. If all spots could not be given away at a Championship event, or if a team qualifies multiple times either at the Championship or previous to the Championship, there will be remaining spots in that region for re-allocation. Remaining middle school spots will be given to middle school teams and remaining high school spots, that were not taken by middle school teams, will be given to high school teams. The highest, unqualified team on the Robot Skills Challenge Score from the World Robot Skills Standings from that region will get the spot and be determined after the last Championship event in that region. Scores from the Championship event will be included on the World Robot Skills Standings for consideration in this process.

Note - this is different from how spots TO the championship event are allocated.

Additional note re cut-off:

The team(s) that will be invited will be determined based on their scores after the last official VRC event in the region.

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Yes, but my current skills score is not high enough to qualify me for worlds. However, given some time, I think I could get near the top in the world for skills, but unfortunately it sounds like that would not qualify me.

Does sound like you are probably out of luck. Sorry!

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