Qualifying for Worlds through Skills

So in Tennessee, the middle school state championship provides four spots for teams to qualify for worlds. (The three tournament champions and the excellence award.) The rules also state (heh, heh) that:
• If a team qualifies multiple times, there will be spots that need to be re-allocated. Remaining middle
school spots will be given to middle school teams, and remaining high school spots will be given to
high school teams. The highest, unqualified team on the Robot Skills Challenge Score from the
World Robot Skills Standings will get the spot and be invited within 72 hours upon the conclusion of
the State/Regional/Province Championship. Scores from the State/Regional/Province Championship
will be included on the World Robot Skills Standings for consideration in this process.

So, my friends on team 9364X are expected (by me at least) to win the state championship. They are also expected to win the excellence award. That means that the highest unqualified team on the world skills standings will be invited to vex worlds. 9364X has a skills score of 116, and the second highest score is 92. I think that I can beat 92.

I don’t have a competition before state. My question is this: If I attain the highest unqualified skills score in Tennessee at the state tournament, can I still qualify for vex worlds? The reason I think the answer could be no is that the standings will not have updated by the end of the state tournament.

Thank you in advance for answering.

I believe that they update the world skills rankings with the state championship skills runs before they give out invites from skills. This is what they have done in previous years in Georgia based on my knowledge.

That’s comforting. Thanks!

Alright nobody else has to reply I just saw my mistake.

Scores from the State/Regional/Province Championship
will be included on the World Robot Skills Standings for consideration in this process.***

Shoulda caught that…

Here in Georgia, we only have three middle school spots open… One for the two tournament champions (yes this is really true) and one for the excellence. We only have an alliance consisting of two teams, and I’m already sure our C Team and 7268A are both grabbing tournament champions. That means I have to get excellence.

Only the first pick gets to go to Worlds? That doesn’t seem fair, the alliances are (supposed to, at least) be of teams that all work together

I think you are reading that wrong. There are modified tournament rules for competitions with 2-robot alliances (Which I have been to; for the first seed alliance, its 40 minutes of just waiting for the Round of 16 matches to end.), which if I am reading this right, would probably be how that would play out due to the limited number of spots. Team C and 7268A might ally with each other, and win the tournament. Then, the only thing left is the Excellence for qualifying.

Now, to the OP, I’m just saying that winning both Excellence and Tourney Champs is very rare, however, I have seen it happen before. If that does happen, then yes, that would be proper assessment of the rule. However, keep in mind that other teams at your competition might have skills runs worth more than 92 as well.

That would make more sense. Having only one pick qualify would be completely unfair (for some reason, I want to say it can happen under unusual circumstances, though)

The tournament is run with 2 team alliances.

There is a very small number of middle school teams in Georgia, only 15 or 16 had qualified to the state championship before spots were handed out through skills and skills scores as low as 17 qualified for the state championship. I was surprised to find out Georgia Middle School still had 3 spots this year.