Qualifying for Worlds?

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So my team, 46A, was a tournament champion at an event for teams that qualified for States, but failed to make it to worlds via the State competition. We know for a fact that we qualify for the US Open in Omaha. We didn’t win the excellence award, so we don’t automatically qualify for worlds. However, is it possible that if teams cancel their invitations to worlds, and are not necessarily from Virginia (we’re from Virginia), that we could be invited?

In case this information would help your answer: we were second place in programming skills, one point lower than the top score. We scored 29.

Our driver skills was fourth. It was about 39ish.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your note and congratulations on a very successful season! If a team does not earn an award that qualifies for World Championship, doesn’t place in the top 30 in the World Skills Rankings, doesn’t win an Online Challenge, and isn’t a skills challenge team replacing a double-qualified team from their State Championship, then they are encouraged to sign up for the 2014 VEX Robotics World Championship waitlist. Since we have passed the published cancellation deadline, we expect all registered teams to participate in the event.