Qualifying to VEX Worlds

Could somebody please clarify this excerpt?

Do qualifying skills scores have to be earned at a Championship event, or at any qualifying tournament in the season? Thanks!

The scores can be earned at any point throughout the season.


It is helpful to specify which part you are referring to? I am assuming item b&c. This is from the World Robot Skills Standings list which you can find on Robot Events . com and narrow the search to your region.


So if your region has 8 spots - 3 are double qualified (or more) the invite to Worlds would be pass down to next qualified in World Skills ranking from your region.

This exercise is left to the ReCF to process - not the EP of the Championship event.


Wouldnt those 3 spots go down the state/region skills list, according to part b?

Yes, they were wondering if it was the skills score earned at state or throughout the whole competitive season.

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I have another question relating to this, would double qualified spots go to the world skills rankings? Or would they go to the skills ranking for you region? For example, say that at the Colorado state championship where there are 11 spots to worlds, if one team got two worlds qualifying awards and there was an extra spot, would it go to another team from Colorado based off of skills? Or would it go to another team from anywhere in the world? I know its probably a dumb question, I just want to double check and make sure that it would go to another Colorado team because the term “world skills ranking” has me unsure of who it would go to.

It would go to the highest unqualified team registered in Colorado, based on their placement in the World Skills Standings after the finalization of the State Championship. The distinction is important because that spot is not filled based on scores at the event (like for regional events), but based on the entire season’s scores.


Yes that’s exactly what I was asking

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Yeah I knew it was from overall standings not from the tournament I just was making sure that it was from only Colorado. Thank you!

Let me add to the confusion - the scores would be pulled from World Skills Rankings for teams registered in Colorado. The team (registered in Colorado) may have earned the score anywhere in the World.


Double qualified spots would go to the state skills (in the world) I beleive, since the spot was allocated to that state


Also they are rolled down on March 14th (when World Skills Standings are finalised). Also, you can just select the region in question on the standings and look there.

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