Quality of NbN Goals

Used NbN goals for the first time this week during a summer camp session. Pretty straight forward to set. Robustness is just not there. We experienced many rods coming out of the connectors during the week. We also had one rod end break inside the connector and a connect folding part break completely. This does not bode well for competition season. The goals comes with spares kit for the connectors, but there does not seem to be a way to order replacement rods.

Have others experienced breakage or disconnection of rods?


We’re sorry you experienced these issues with your goal. Please call the VEX support line at +1-903-453-0802 or send an email describing your problems to support@vexrobotics.com and we’ll do whatever we can to get your goals up and running again.

-VEX Support Team

We had a similar problem. Like lacsap there was a broken rod except it was already broken when we took the rods out of the package.

Here is a picture of the broken rod.

Here is what the rod should look like.


The broken rod was fixed by drilling it out and gluing a wooden dowel into the hole.


I’m not sure if vex was at fault or the shipping company. It was disappointing either way I would much rather build robots than fix game objects. I did appreciate that they sent spare connectors in the event that a connector breaks, but so far at least for us there haven’t been any problems with the connectors.



The same stuff happened to my team when we were hosting a summer camp at our school. Three of the connector rods broke. It was mostly from kids throwing the balls too hard at the nets when they tried to play “basketball”. When the robots were firing balls, however, we did not encounter any problems with nets breaking. I fixed the nets simply by using a strap as a sort of splint along with duct tape.

Thanks Kelton for the pictures! I had not taken pictures, we were on a tight schedule to pack things up before the building was closed. I like the idea of drilling and placing a wooden dowel at the end. That said, it should not happen.

Yes kids do play basketball, what do you expect? However, in our case the nets came apart while robots were shooting from the opposite diagonal.

I am still concerned about the resiliency of the nets. I wonder what the previous design was like.