Quarantine notebook

I was wondering what would be the best way to include sketches in our team’s engineering notebook (Where I live we are still socially distancing). Would it be best to:

a. Have the whole team do sketches at home then send pictures of their sketches to the person with the notebook. The pictures would then be printed and pasted in the notebook.

b. Have the whole team do digital sketches and send them to the person with the notebook (again to be printed out).

c. Have the whole team do sketches and leave space in the notebook for those sketches to be glued in when we can all get back together.

Any help is appreciated!

I have the Notebook for my team so I would say make a Electronic Notebook so you do not have to print the pictures and just upload it to a doc or word. Also it will be easier to just make the sketches on your I pad or Tablet and send it to the note booker. All my team Mates have the brand new I pad pro so we just have to use our apple pencil to sketch robot designs

Our entire team also has iPads. However, we already have started with a paper notebook and would like to continue using it. Do you think it would be better to still do the electronic sketches and print them out for the paper notebook?

Yes that would work too

Do you think there would be an issue with gluing in paper sketches to the notebook that we drew today later in the year?

@Sharky_do has a great point, try to keep a doc of everyone’s contributions. this will make the notebook person’s job much easier because they can simply refrence the doc.

If you don’t want to do All The Notebooking yourself, then I would recommend to:

a. use an online Google Doc for the notebook and then when stuff opens up again then transfer it into a physical notebook
b. have everyone do CAD designs! and take snips of them and put them onto the doc. These images can be printed out later and pasted into the physical Engineering Notebook when the time comes.
c. for sketches, have the team do individual notebooks (it is sooooo helpful) and have them draw their sketches in there along with anything else you want them to write down for the Engineering Notebook. When it is time, you can cut and paste the sketches into the notebook.
d. when the time comes to write in the notebook, divide the work between everyone so you don’t have to do it all yourself.

If you’ve already started a paper notebook, I would recommend to keep using it and paste in any printed images you would have had to print anyway. For sketches, I would recommend to have the team scan them (apps like Notebloc or Scanbot are really good for this) and send them to you to print and paste in. If there are any really important sketches that need to be sketched and not printed, you can have the team hold onto them and leave space in the physical notebook for that.

And no, there wouldn’t be any problem with gluing in the paper sketches that you drew today later in the year. However, there might be a slight issue with estimating the space needed, because you may underestimate the space, which would lead to you not being able to insert the sketch, or overestimate the space, which would lead you to a whole bunch of empty space in the notebook.

I hope this helped! :smiley:

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Thanks for the help!

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No , but the reason why I said to use a electronic notebook because it will be much easier