Question about a DQ

At a competition I was just at a robot ran into a wall while trying to get away from another bot and avoid a pinning DQ. The wall then rebounded and hit the stacked cubes in the non protected goal zone and it resulted in the team who hit the wall being DQed. I tried to find which rule the referee would reference when making this call but could not. (I am not trying to argue about the DQ, I am just curious to which rule would the team be in volition of.)

the ones that hit the wall were Pinning yes?

They were not, they hit the wall to avoid a pinning DQ being called. (They were trying to get away)

I saw a match when a team hit the wall on purpose and they didnt get dq. so in my opinion, it shouldnt be a dq. he was trying to get away. let me look at the rules to make sure

FYI: It knocked over the stack and made most of them fall into the field and a few fell out

OK. So they caused a stack to fall which is a dq if it is match effecting which i assume it is. But the opponent from what i am understanding was forcing a pin and the other robot was trying to get away yes?

I just rewatched the video and it seems that the robot accidentally went into the goal zone so it was a violation. Now it makes sense.

yep. that makes more sense

I think this is a problem - all DQs should have the rule cited to the teams (and sometimes the audience) before leaving the field. This form of explanation is helpful for teams and spectators, as DQs should be rare if teams are informed of the causes in competition. Having no feedback, teams are left confused, and that is where learning is impeded.

[I am saying a general problem at events - where DQs rationale are not clearly explained]


Is the video available?

A little off topic but what should you do if the EP and Head Referee do not allow you to check the match score sheet before they gets entered into TM? I am asking because the Head Referee sent us to the EP when we asked to see the match score sheet and he said no. (They did not allow any team to see any of the match sheets before being entered into TM)

Here is the clip of when the DQ happened: (Look at the red unprotected goal zone)

The team should contact the RECF RSM and encourage that the practice should be adopted in their region so no misunderstanding.

The rules allow for teams to dispute referee decisions, presumably including the score, as long as long as the field is still in the state it was at end of match. You can’d dispute a score if it is not shown to you.

The practice of showing both alliances the score prior to entering the score in TM allows better flow with fewer disputes about scoring and acceptance match scores by teams - teams may have missed a point here or there, and so can the referee. We’re all human.