Question about a something that may confuse Refs

I have these prices of non shattering plastic that one of my teams use for there tray, my question is. Would you say these would have to be taken off because they are red?

i don’t think so. You should ask this on the official Q and A

The only rules you need to worry about are probably R9 and R12 e. If you aren’t violating these, which other rules are you concerned about?

Your question is answered by this Q&A entry.


From the picture they don’t look close enough to orange to be a problem. I’d pass them if I were the inspector (which I may be at a dec tourney) and I’m also a prior EP and mentor. Of course, I don’t speak for all so it is best to ask. If you don’t have time for that and have an image sensor get a signature of this poly-carb and each cube to show that they don’t match.

also look at this q&a