Question about a Tournament

Guys, I need your help, our team has recently received an e-mail about us qualifying us to to register at “CREATE U.S. Open Robotics Championship - VEX HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION”.

This is our first year in VEX and have no idea what this means. Is this Iowa tourament a pre-Worlds requirement or something? And what kind of tournamet is this? We had only seen locals, regionals, and nationals. Thanks in advance:D

The CREATE US Open is similar to a “nationals” event in other sports. It is NOT necessary to go to the CREATE US Open to qualify for World’s. You can qualify for World’s at your state event. (in fact, you can’t even qualify for Worlds at the US Open…the winners instead qualify for the Summer Games in Hawaii)

Here is the link to robotevents High School Create Us Open. Go here…click all the tabs and read up on it.

If this is your first year in VEX and you qualified for the US Open, you did a heck of a job! The US Open is close in dates to Worlds, so if you qualify for Worlds there is a good chance you will want to only do one or the other (unless you have the resources to do both!). Both are awesome experiences!

Thanks man, we are considering about going. Thanks:D

Our team is in the same situation. First year competing. We qualified for the U.S. Open in Iowa. We won’t know if we qualify for Worlds until our state championship, but that is a longer shot.

I find the timing odd and inconvenient. The two events are a week apart. We can’t do both. I’m not even sure we can do either without some backing and fundraising. But I’d hate for our kids to miss a great opportunity. They have come far in their first year.

The deadline to register for each is a few days after our state competition. We would prefer Worlds, but the Open is our fallback. Much less convenient for us. Should I worry that the Open will fill up if I wait to find out if we qualify for Worlds? Any comment on the pros and cons of the different events?

Worlds is a much larger event with a higher level of play. The diversity and international experience is also very enriching and fun. However, the high level of play decreases your chance of being successful.

I’ve heard great things about US Open and it is also a terrific event. First year teams are a little bit more likely to be successful at the Open. There are 70 spots left so if your state tournament is soon I wouldn’t worry too much about it filling up. If you are worried, you’ll probably make it in if you register immediately after states (if you don’t end up making it to worlds).