Question about autodesk inventor and dual gtx 1080's

He said he has 24gb of ram. That’s more than enough. You may want to look into how inventor is configured though after you kill off the sketches. There’s a big difference between some of the settings performance wise.

I bet that if you kill the sketches, you might see some increase in performance. Maybe the performance decreases when inventor selects every c-channel edges and points. At least it happens to me in Fusion 360 with a full assembly but that’s why I don’t use sketches unless I’m creating a new part.

Hmm. Ive never really had these issues. My gtx590 + 2600k doesn’t seem to struggle(only struggles when rendering models with ray tracing).
Perhaps its a software issue. Try to update drivers/windows. Try pulling out one of the gpus and see if the issue goes away. I had issues with my 590 then it was in sli.

I may be confusing myself but isn’t CPU what allows better processing, as RAM stores your data so it can be opened up easier? I believe if you get more memory cards, you increase the CPU. CPU should be what increases your speed.
An extra note: Skype can seriously drain your computer’s speed

Uhhhh, nothing about this is right. A cpu, also known as the central processing unit, is a single hunk of metal and silicon, and is what usually kicks off the most heat and eats the most power. They are usually found in the middle of the motherboard, and always have a heatsink attached to them to keep them cool. The cpu is the heart of the computer, telling all the other components what to do, according to instructions read from the rom or ram. Rom, also known as read only memory, is found in many forms, such as a ssd, hard drive, or floppy disk. The rom is where the program instructions are stored, and usually doesn’t change. Ram, also known as random access memory, is an extremely fast memory storage media, and the cpu keeps the highest priority program data there, such as variables, arrays, and other things, such as the locations of parts when doing cad. The graphics card is where things that get displayed are generated. They have many many small computing units that can do lots of math equations very quickly and lots at a time, but has to be instructed what to do by the cpu. The graphics card also has it’s own special ram, where it stores textures, and other such things. Some programs, such as autodesk inventor, utilise the graphics card to do other things because it is so quick at calculating lots of equations.

So I had everything wrong in my mind the whole time? lol I am so sorry… Welp now I know, thanks!

Should’ve got a Mac.

On a serious note, check for viruses and delete fishy downloads.

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I would if it weren’t for the fact that you can only do so much with a potato

wat on earth is that??? I would click on it too if it didn’t seem so sketchy… If I don’t post on the forum for a long time you can assume that my computer got infected from that website…

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Download more ram does nothing lol. No virus, just a troll website for the gullible ones out there.

If you hit alt+F4 while running Inventor or fusion it enables hyper threading which will greatly increase your performance. It will reduce your GPU load by %30 in most cases.

I am planning to run Autodesk, but I am unsure if my laptop can run it. My laptop has an Intel Core i5 6200U with 8 gigabytes of ram. As for the GPU, I have a (I think?) dedicated GPU. The GPU is a Radeon R5 M330 2GB. Thanks!

It should run fine. You may just need to turn some of the rendering details down. It runs fine from my mid-range laptop from 2011.

If you are going to get two GPUs, you might as well just get an sli bridge.