Question about batteries at Worlds

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know how many batteries and chargers it is best to have per robot at Worlds?


If you have a Power Expander on the robot (need 2 batteries on the robot), it is best to have at least 6 batteries, but you can get away with 4 if need be. As the matches are split over multiple days and there is more time in between you have more time to charge batteries between matches, but it is best to have extra.

Whatever method you used at competitions all year should suffice…after all, you did make it this far. :wink:

We have three chargers and four batteries, but we are not using a power expander. Do you think this is enough? We had one less battery and charger at NE regionals. It worked, but we had to run a lot between the pit area and the field.

If you need a spare battery, come see your SNE Regional alliance partner 9791C, WalshBots C-cret Agentz, we’ll gladly loan you one.

OK, thanks a lot.