Question about batteries

Our 4-H club will be demonstrating VEX IQ robots at an upcoming county fair. We may not have power available in our booth. We are new to VEX IQ and haven’t competed with these robots yet. We have competed in VEX for several years.

Here are my questions.

How long will a fully charged VEX IQ robot battery last if the robots are in constant use?

How do I purchase the holder for AA batteries? According to the manual, the robots can be powered with AA batteries, but the holder didn’t come with the kit, and I don’t see the item listed for sale on the VEX IQ website.


Hi Jennifer,

Unfortunately, the AA battery holder you are referring to is not available for individual purchase, as it is only included in the HEXBUG VEX IQ Robotics Construction set:

From my own personal experience, when we have VEX IQ Robots at VEX tradeshows, we have multiple robots driving for full 8-9 hour days, and only need to change the batteries for each robot a maximum of 2 times. Obviously your batteries will drain quicker if the robot is using lots of motors, or driven non-stop. But you should be able to get at *least *2-3 hours out of each battery at the bare minimum.

  • Dillon

Hi Jennifer,

In terms of how long the battery will last, this depends on how big/heavy your robot is, how many motors you are using, and how hard the motors are working (e.g. are the motors always spinning near free speed, or are they constantly near stall). Bigger and heavier robots will consume batteries faster than smaller and lighter robots. For a point of comparison, the Clawbot IQ and Ike will easily run for about two hours of constant driving and use with a freshly charged battery.

As for the Robot AA Battery Holder, this product is only available in the retail version of the VEX IQ kit that is sold through HEXBUG at retailers such as Target, Toys “R” Us, etc. The Robot AA Battery Holder is currently not available for separate purchase.

While powering your VEX IQ robot off of alkaline AA batteries is fine for building and experimenting at home, alkaline batteries will not last as long as rechargeable NiMH batteries in more vigorous applications such as classrooms, competitions, or public events. Rechargeable NiMH batteries will give you the best performance and battery life for powering your VEX IQ robot, whether they are in the form of the standard VEX IQ rechargeable Robot Battery, or as rechargeable AA NiMH cells in the Robot AA Battery Holder.


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